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Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications

Bulgarian Cluster „Telecommunications” (BCT) was founded under the initiative of Foundation “ICT Cluster” in the beginning of 2008 under a project titled “Establishment of Telecommunications Cluster and Development of Sustainable Cluster Strategy” (Project BG 2005/017-586.04.02/ESC/G/CDI-II-003), funded by PHARE Programme and the Ministry of Economy and Energy. BCT exists as a legal entity since April 2010.

Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications
  • Posted on: 05.05.2017
  • Bulgaria
  • Acronym: BCT

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Fourteen Bulgarian companies from the ICT sector and Technical University – Sofia are partners in the cluster. The cluster has the tendency of expanding itself, as it is open for new members. The portfolio of the member companies covers almost the entire product range of telecommunication services. The member companies construct, produce, install and maintain competitive products. One part of them is made up of software products which find application in the field of modern telecommunication services: IP telecommunications, intranet systems, and specialised software. Other main fields the companies work in include development of telecommunication and network equipment, micro- and nanoelectronics, embedded systems, power supply devices and converters, security systems, access control and fire alarm systems, multiplexers, optical communications, etc. It is a part of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform(ECCP).

It has participated in the following support funded programme:

The main advantages of Bulgarian Cluster “Telecommunications” can be seen in the design, development and maintenance of complex telecommunication networks, where the cluster’s experts most effectively combine products and solutions of leading international companies such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, Infinera, Microsoft, Schmid Telecom, R&M, MicroSens, SAGEM, ADC, RedHat with own equipment and software solutions – SDH/PDH Mux, intelligent gigabit switches, interface converters, integrated access devices – IADs, billing and accounting systems, voice recorders and many more.

The technical knowledge, skills and experience of the specialists who work for the BCT member companies include:
- Core network technologies – 3rd generation DWDM, SDH, PDH, ATM, radio relay systems;
- Access network technologies – xDSL, active Ethernet, FTTx, SDH/PDH multiplexers, cross connectors, interface converters;
- Full range of power supply systems - DC supply systems, DC-AC invertors, DC-DC converters, frequency converters, UPS systems, outdoor cabinets, special cooling solutions;
- Software solutions based both on platforms such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Apple, and on open source code platforms such as Linux/*BSD;
- Integrated solutions for the delivery of multimedia content for hotel systems;
- VOIP technologies;
- Softswitch technologies;
- Integrated systems for delivery, management, visualisation, statistics and analysis of advertisement content through the Internet;- Design , set-up and optimisation of storage and backup data centres;
- Design and putting in operation of systems for management and automatisation of data archiving and backup;
- Satellite systems and applications;
- Engineering services – structural cabling, building automatisation;

A huge part of the BCT member companies develop new competitive technologies, products and services. The cluster encourages this as it keeps close connection with education centres and institutes. As a cluster member Technical University – Sofia gives companies the opportunity to use specialised high-tech laboratories for the development of innovative products and technologies. BCT applies and participates in international projects for the development of the telecommunications sector, funded by European programmes. Thus the cluster members can successfully penetrate new markets and promote their activities. This is also how the main goal of Bulgarian Telecommunications Cluster to support the development of business and innovations within the Telecommunications sector by increasing the competitiveness of its member companies is achieved.

Cluster Excellence Label: No

- Improving the competitiveness of companies. – Implementation of the best practices in management processes;
- Improvement of the marketing strategies of companies;
- Achievement of higher degree of internationalisation and the penetration of new markets.

- Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs;
- BCT is part of the Management Body of Intelligent Communication Infrastructures Lab (ICI Lab) which is part of Sofia Tech Park scientific complex, the first technological park in Bulgaria. ICI Lab offers unique activities for all Balkans and Western Europe - research, development and testing of devices for the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). The Lab includes two laboratory units for: Testing of on-board computers - EVC (European Vital Computer); Testing balises - BTM (Balise Transmission Module).

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