BLACK SEA HORIZON – Bi-regional STI Dialogue

FundingSupport for funders

Support for funders

BSH aims to contribute to the pooling of resources from the EU Member States and countries associated to HORIZON 2020 on the one hand and the non-EU BS countries on the other hand by organising a process to prepare a jointly funded regional call for research projects, thus avoiding fragmentation and overlaps and enabling the creation of synergies within ERA. Work package 2 (Regional funding platform) has been designed to support this process.

The result of WP2 is an established group of committed funding parties, featured with a functional call infrastructure and a clear set of rules and regulations, prepared to implement a joint call for proposals based on agreed upon rules and regulations. The thematic identification for the joint calls builds on the results of Task 3.1 (Workshops for identifying pertinent research topics of mutual interest for further take-up in Horizon 2020, and future bi- or multilateral joint calls targeting the region). The call is considered a potential core instrument under the “EU – Black Sea Cooperation Programme in STI to be developed in WP1 and should be implemented outside this project.

Moreover, a regionally accessible peer-review database will be made available. Through the envisaged joint call, resources shall be pooled and critical mass shall be built in a specific thematic field.

Related project tasks are the following:

  • Task 2.1: Learning loop to identify, share and assess the experiences made under the pilot joint call launched under BS-ERA.NET and other relevant ERA-NET (Plus) targeting the region through a project review workshop and a reflection group meeting involving funding partners of such calls for proposals
  • Task 2.2: Identification of the group of potential funding parties and assessment of their negotiable and non-negotiable framework conditions for involvement
  • Task 2.3: Development of the Terms of Reference for the joint call for proposals
  • Task 2.4: Agreement on a business-plan for the joint call secretariat and adoption of the implementation rules of the joint call for proposals
  • Task 2.5: Establishing a peer review database which is accessible for funding agencies of the Black Sea region