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AgroTransilvania Cluster

The mission of the AgroTransilvania Cluster is to promote collaboration and cooperation between business entities in the agricultural industry and encouraging competitive restructuring of the sector, as well as ensuring participation in multiple commercial projects, both national and international. In this regard, members of the AgroTransilvania Cluster decided to join forces to support the development of the agro-industrial sector, with the aim to build on the competitiveness of the association – both on the national and international markets. In this sense, this cluster is born from the need to bring together at the same table the representatives of farmers and of large retail companies to put in place a sustainable development strategy.

AgroTransilvania Cluster
  • Posted on: 05.05.2017
  • Romania

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AgroTransilvania Cluster aims to support business in agricultural industry to participate in national and international projects, organizing forums, symposiums, conferences, seminars for members to develop partnership with international organizations. The mission for which the management team AgroTransilvania Cluster has been mandated by the general assembly of shareholders is to become an integrator pol of research, innovation, technology transfer and sustainable development of the Transylvanian agribusiness sector (supporting sustainable competitiveness of the agribusiness sector). In its own view, this cluster will become the main active and viable partner for actors into the field, and a model of good practice for associative activity. It is a part of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform(ECCP).

It has participated in the following funded support programme:
- H2020

Cluster Excellence Label: Silver Label

- Create and develop a harmonious interaction between all stakeholders operating in the value chain in the agro-industrial complex;
- Develop a platform for research, development and innovation. Drive the private sector towards innovation and technology transfer;
- Support and promote projects of common interest, including projects abroad;
- Promote and encourage entrepreneurship by providing relevant solutions for the renewal and modernization of the sector;
- Create tools and channels for effective information and opportunity management in the field;
- Identify opportunities for collaboration towards financial support through various programmes, partnerships, tools and / or banking operations.

- Develops partnerships at home and abroad to achieve the objectives of the association;
- Organizes and participates  in forums, symposiums, conferences, seminars, debates, etc., in the country abroad;
- Promote legislative initiatives designed to correct – or, if necessary – to regulate certain matters of interest to the industry.

Organisation type: Association/NGO, EU, Network | Scientific field: General, Cluster / General, Agricultural Sciences | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Romania