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Cleaner Production Energy Efficency

The CPEE Center is a non-government and non-profit organization established in 2004 for the development of the special Azerbaijan-Norway programme of cleaner production and energy efficiency in industry and buildings. Up to present times the company has developed more than 150 special projects on energy efficieny, cleaner production and renewable energy ssources used in the industry, civil sector and buildings.

Cleaner Production Energy Efficency
  • Posted on: 19.04.2016
  • Azerbaijan
  • Acronym: CPEE

Website: Link

Company strategy is based on firm confidence that the further development and expansion of use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) will allow to strengthen positions of the Azerbaijan Republic, will promote growth of national economy and will give the chance to be prepared for future calls.

The Company profile includes following key features:

• Cleaner Energy Generation: the renewed nature and ecological cleanliness of used sources for electric power manufacture;

• Working out of perspective directions of increase of system reliability: performance by stations of backbone functions, and also functions of an operative and strategic reserve for development of the electric power and maintenance of reliability of work of system;

• the Tool for introduction of methodology and practice of Cleaner Production in the Azerbaijan Republic: working out and introduction of the projects creating basis for development of regions;

• the Initiator of innovations in sphere of Renewable Power: priority orientation to the technological updating, stimulating scientific research and technical workings out and practical introduction of new technologies of the generation using RES.

The company sees the mission in an effective utilization of power resources, creation of conditions of maintenance of reliability of a power supply system and expanded use of RES for the society blessing. We achieve long-term organic growth of the company to transform it into the in the lead company of Republic in sphere of Renewable Energy.

Achievement of the declared purposes of the Company will grow out of introduction of modern technologies, methods and means of EE increasing, and also development of CP in the Republic national economy.
The company role - СРЕЕ Center consists in this process that the Company constantly accumulates and develops the World and European experience in the specified areas in Republic, with support of the leading World and European companies, first of all – ТЕКNА, provides universal introduction of СРЕЕ technologies at the national economy.

Organisation type: Association/NGO, Innovation Institute | Scientific field: Energy, Resource efficiency and environment | Related Topics: Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Azerbaijan

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