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SCIAT - Specialized Cluster Institute for Apparel and Textile

The team behind the Specialized Cluster Institute for Apparel and Textile has been working together since 2005 when it founded the Specialized Institute for Apparel and Textile. It is an NGO committed to offering consultancy services in the field of textile and tailoring industries; providing training in all stages of production, planning of the production cycle, the management and marketing of enterprises operating in the above mentioned or other related fields.

SCIAT - Specialized Cluster Institute for Apparel and Textile
  • Posted on: 04.04.2016
  • Bulgaria
  • Acronym: SCIAT

Website: Link

Contact: Petja Miluscheva,

The specific goals set by the cluster are related to increasing the competitiveness in terms of the products, the labour force, the distribution and access to new markets through innovation, research, marketing tools and methods of communication, of training – education for the work force involved.

Cluster Excellence Label: Silver Label

- To support and promote the development of international market positions of the textile and apparel sector in the global market economy;
- To promote the pooling of resources between its members in order to increase the export capacity of the sector;
- To promote interaction between companies, NGOs and research institutes to support the production and technological development of small and medium enterprises in the textile and clothing industry and creating new jobs;
- To encourage work on projects for technological innovation and introduction of innovations to reduce the cost of the final product;
- To protect the interests of its members before the legislature, the executive and local authorities as well as to trade unions;
- To advocate for the development of a favorable legal and financial framework to assist in creating a favorable tax and investment environment that encourages the creation of new jobs;
- To encourage its members by helping to create a favorable economic environment for the development of their business and enhance the competitiveness of the Bulgarian textile and clothing industry in the international market;
- To contribute to the security of the turnover on the principles of ethics, honesty market behavior and achievement of mutual interests.

- Consultаtion of textile and clothing companies in Bulgaria, Romania and Macedoniа, with an emphasis on organization, rationalization, optimization of production, engineering technology, quality control, quality improvement and staff training;
- Establishment of European standards in cooperation with EURATEX for the textile and clothing sector in Bulgaria for electronic business between suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in international projects;
- Developing a center for adult education in Ruse;
- Organizing, promoting and implementing trainings, consulting, researches, statistics and prognoses, associated with the development of clothing and textile business in the country;
- Research and development;
- Conduction of seminars and trainings.

Organisation type: Network | Scientific field: Cluster / General | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Bulgaria