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Black Sea Energy Research Centre

The Black Sea Energy Research Centre is an association of energy experts founded in 2007, as a successor of the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre established in 1995 at the initiative of the European Commission and the countries of the Black Sea Region. BSERC was registered in Sofia according to the Bulgarian national legislation.

  • Posted on: 23.03.2016
  • Bulgaria
  • Acronym: BSERC

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The Centre's activities aim at developing the co-operation between the Black Sea region countries and the European Union in the field of energy and climate change mitigation. This is achieved through a close partnership with all the Black Sea countries, allowing to be well informed about the countries' national trends and developments.

The main fields of activity of the Centre are:

  • Harmonization of the energy legislation of the BSR countries and of Bulgaria in particular, with the EU legislation;
  • Security of the energy supply;
  • Promotion of renewable energy and climate protection;
  • Energy efficiency and rational use of energy;
  • Networking, exchange of experience and dissemination of energy-related information.

The research and dissemination activities carried out by the Centre include:

  • collection and analysis of data at national, local, and company level;
  • development and application of models, elaboration of forecasts and scenarios;
  • cost-benefit analyses of policies and feasibility studies of energy projects;
  • networking of policy and market actors in the Black Sea Region countries;
  • drafting of legislative documents;
  • technology transfer;
  • training and dissemination of information.

The organization's project record includes more than 60 projects, funded under various EC programmes: territorial cooperation programmes, Framework programmes for RTD (FP5, FP6, FP7), Intelligent Energy – Europe (EIE), Horizon 2020, and others. Additionally, BSERC has worked on initiatives, funded by USAID, the World Bank, CIDA - Canada, EBRD, and the Bulgarian Government.

Organisation type: Network, Research Institute | Scientific field: Climate Change, Energy | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Bulgaria

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