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Magurele High Tech Cluster

Magurele High Tech Cluster Project is a prerequisite for opportunities created by the ELI project – NP is not wasted due to undeveloped fast enough and sustainable private sector and lack of resources for successfully positioning cluster entities’ components, product / service innovation generated international markets. 

Magurele High Tech Cluster
  • Posted on: 22.01.2016
  • Romania
  • Acronym: MHTC

Website: Link

MHTC  aims at increasing  the competitiveness of SMEs by creating a cluster and by exploiting the opportunities offered by RDI from the city Magurele Physics Platform and, in particular, MHTC has generated huge potential of the European project ELI – NP, respecting the principles of sustainable development. More, it involves cluster and innovative SMEs in European projects to ensure multiplication of sources of financing their activities and connecting cluster Magurele High Tech Cluster with other European networks and for the proper positioning of Romanian SMEs at continental and global level.

Cluster Excellence Label: No

- Creation of sustainable alliances between SMEs and R & D entities in Physics from Magurele platform and associated universities;
- Establishment of a cluster of clusters with two other entities that develop ELI project in the Czech Republic and Hungary;
- Collaboration with CERN – Geneva which operates the largest particle accelerator in the world; CERN has expressed interest in direct cooperation with Magurele HIGH TECH CLUSTER.

- Creates brands and promotion campaigns for each SMEs member of cluster;
- Develops national and international networks that integrate the cluster and its members.

Organisation type: Network | Scientific field: Cluster / General, Engineering and Technology, ICT | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Romania