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Romanian Textile Concept

The Cluster main goal is to create an environment where our members will be able to sustain and develop their activity and to create, develop and implement programs that lead to the sustainable development of the textile industry. The cluster is a natural platform for public-private partnership in the textile industry, which includes members from the industry (manufacturers), the research and development sector (universities, research institutions), public authorities and companies with catalytic role (consulting firms, marketing – advertising, transport, etc.). 

Romanian Textile Concept
  • Posted on: 21.01.2016
  • Romania
  • Acronym: Romanian Textile Concept

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The strategy applied by the cluster in order to achieve its objectives is to improve, nationally and internationally, both its image as a credible organisation, and the one of its members and of the products made by them, which is going to be achieved through participation in and organization of various themed events, through participation in specialized fairs, etc. The cluster also supports and strengthens the position of its members within the industry by implementing innovative services, products, concepts and technologies developed within the cluster. It is a part of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform(ECCP).

It has participated in the following support funded programme:
- Sector Operational Programme “Increase of economic competitiveness” – national programme with EU funding”

Cluster Excellence Label: Silver Label

- Increase competitiveness in terms of the products, the labour force and distribution;
- Access to new markets through innovation, research, marketing tools and methods of communication, of training – education for the work force involved.

- Supporting the members in participating to international trade fairs with public funding;
- Creating the brand and the collection of the cluster;
- Participating in fairs with common booth with the cluster’s collection;
- Organizing thematic and/or business/commercial-based events (workshops, seminaries, conferences, trade missions, hosted-buyers events, a.o.);
- Disseminating information about public funding;
- Writing projects with public funding for its members;
- Initiation of third-party funded innovation projects with the participation of the cluster management (R&D and non-R&D);
- Initiation of collaborative R&D and/or innovation (or non-R&D) projects between the members;
- Market researches offered to the members.

Organisation type: Network | Scientific field: Cluster / General | Related Topics: Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Romania