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OSSA Defence & Aviation Cluster

Cluster was established in 1 July 2008 and involves companies in and around the Organized Industrial Region geographically. More importantly, one of the criteria to be a member of the cluster is to gain its revenue from defence and aviation industries by producing goods and services to those industries or being a sub-supplier to key industry companies like Aselsan, TAI, Boeing, Sikorsky etc.

OSSA Defence & Aviation Cluster
  • Posted on: 21.01.2016
  • Turkey
  • Acronym: OSSA Defence & Aviation Cluster

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With support of and cooperation with the Undersecteriat of Defense Industry, KOSGEB, TTGV, Ankara Chamber of Industry, TÜBİTAK, SASAD, ODEM, OSTİM, Metutech and THK University, OSSA is conducting its activities more efficiently with 158 members and 7.475 personnel in order to increase the share of domestic production and support the actions to deepen the Turkish defence industry.

Cluster Excellence Label: No

- Increase the share of domestic production in the fulfilment of the needs of defence and aviation industry and to render the firms in the cluster competitive on international market;
- Become preferred sub-suppliers with increased cooperation and developed capabilities & penetrate into the international market;
- Opening to international markets with end product.

- Cooperates with the universities and organized industrial region by technology transfer to SMEs and focusing on regional competitive advantages on a specialized sector to create competitive advantage against foreign competitors with skill development in sub-suppliers;
- Hosts trainings relevant to defense and aviation.

Organisation type: Network | Scientific field: Cluster / General, Engineering and Technology | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON, Research and Innovation support Initiatives | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Turkey