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Cluster Mobilier Transilvan

The members of TRANSILVANIAN FURNITURE CLUSTER were joined together in order to offer support to the existing furniture industry, to increase the competitiveness strength of the cluster and also, of each individual cluster company member, both in domestic and foreign markets. 

Cluster Mobilier Transilvan
  • Posted on: 18.01.2016
  • Romania
  • Acronym: Cluster Mobilier Transilvan

Website: Link

Contact: Dan Pitic,

Transylvania Furniture Cluster promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, transferability and mutual trust as key elements for increasing competitiveness. The main objective is to enhance economic competitiveness in the domestic and global market, relying on quality, innovation and sustainable development for the considered 2012 - 2022 timeline.

Cluster Excellence Label: Silver Label

- Increasing interaction between companies, academic institutions and other entities involved in supporting the furniture industry;
- Designing a platform dedicated to research, development and innovation, in order to increase access to innovation and technology transfer for the private sector;
- Supporting the accommodation of academic curricula with the growing business needs in the furniture production sector;
- Increasing visibility of the cluster, by successful promotional activities, including the creation of a strong cluster brand;
- Increasing the economic influence of the cluster in the furniture production sector; active involvement at a legislative level, initiating project proposals and undertaking the following projects, developing strategies on a local, national, and international level.

- Encourages cooperation among public institutions and furniture producers, also facilitating access to information, designing common databases;
- Initiates strategic partnerships both in domestic and in foreign markets, with the goal of increasing cluster dimensions.

Organisation type: Network | Scientific field: Cluster / General | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Romania