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Centre for Regional and International STI Studies and Support

The “Centre for Regional and International STI Studies and Support - CeRISS” is a centre specializing in Studies and Research-support activities in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) with specific emphasis on International Cooperation.

  • Posted on: 14.07.2015
  • Greece
  • Acronym: CeRISS

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CeRISS’ founding partners have extensive experience as coordinators of international cooperation and capacity building projects funded under the Capacities programme of FP7 (IncoNet for Eastern Europe and Central Asia-IncoNet EECA, IncoNet for Central Asia and South Caucasus-IncoNet CA/SC, key partners in the IncoNet for the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation-MIRA). They have also been involved in various other EU projects under the People and Life+ programmes. CeRISS focuses on STI cooperation between the EU and its neighbouring countries and regions (Eastern Partnership countries, Russia, Central Asian, Western Balkans, South Mediterranean/Arabic countries and Turkey).

CeRISS considers that sustainable transnational and regional cooperation plays a major role in achieving an efficient STI chain. To this end, the Centre implements networking, support and capacity building activities acting as a facilitator among policy makers, the research community and economic actors at international level. More specifically CeRISS activities include Studies and Support Actions (implementation of studies in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) with emphasis in International Cooperation policies in STI and implementation of capacity building and infrastructure development actions), Project preparation and implementation (preparation and implementation of projects under the EU’s Framework Programmes, as well as the Development and Cooperation Programme and the IPA Funds in the field of STI; Exploitation of funds and opportunities for STI support under the EU’s Regional programmes; Management of European Research and Infrastructure projects), and Networking and Dissemination activities (Networking and match-making activities among relevant stakeholders; Exchange of information, knowledge transfer, and fostering STI awareness; Training of junior researchers in STI policy and management).

CeRISS is currently ensuring the Scientific Coordination of two FP7 International Cooperation projects, namely the IncoNet for Eastern Partnership Countries and the IncoNet for Central Asian Countries.

Organisation type: Research Institute | Scientific field: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, EU Member States, International / Other

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