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SPI is a consulting firm, created in 1997, with an excellent   understanding of public and private sectors and of how clients can position themselves to foster innovation, be competitive and create prosperity. 

  • Posted on: 15.07.2015
  • Portugal
  • Acronym: SPI

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We support the needs of our clients through the effective management of knowledge and a range of well-established capabilities across many fields. SPI’s ongoing success has resulted in the creation of several companies and representative offices worldwide. The SPI Group also includes SPI Açores, SPI China, SPI España, SPI USA, SPI Ventures, a SPI office in Singapore and a permanent representation in Brussels, through our partnership with the European BIC Network. With interests worldwide we continue to expand our international presence in increasingly diverse locations.

SPI is well positioned as a facilitator of innovation with an emphasis on Science and Technology and Territorial Development. Our dynamic perspective allows us to intervene at a global level and to continually increase our network of contacts, creating organisational value for our clients. With more than 65 full-time consultants representing a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds, the SPI Group maintains an entrepreneurial minded team, which ensures an effective and flexible response to every challenge.


The management of projects which foster innovation and promote international opportunities. When appropriate, this mission will be accomplished through the creation of strategic partnerships.


The SPI Group positions itself as a unique catalyst for connections among companies, scientific and technological institutions, public administrations, and public and private national and international organisations.

Organisation type: Company | Scientific field: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, EU Member States, International / Other