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The cluster aims to harmonise and represent the interests of enterprises, research, administration and catalysts to increase economic competitiveness and job creation, Sustainable and Sustainable Development of the South-East Region, internationalisation of members, professional development of managers and employees, managing a common database, participating in national and European networks, increasing the innovation potential of businesses in relevant sectors.

  • Posted on: 15.12.2017
  • Romania
  • Acronym: BIODANUBIUS

Website: Link


Biodanubius is a cluster oriented to the bio economy, biodiversity and to the organic certification in the Danube Delta. The objective of the cluster is to systematic approach the regional value chain to identify the strategic options to create, intake or retention the value, and starting from the present value chain to develop it using the smart specialisation until getting new connected value chains (eco-sectors or bio economy specialisations, mixing not just the tourism with the bio products but with other unexplored fields such as be the industry of bio mass, new renewable resources, health and treatments, health and sport parks and industries that can generate them, gastronomy and culinary traditions used as a gate to multiculturalism, bio technology and research, etc). It is a part of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

Excellence Label: Bronze Label


  • Developing products and services and marketing them;
  • Creating a Cluster Brand;
  • Developing a strategy for development and internationalisation, marketing, networking promotion;
  • Participation and / or initiation of projects for SMEs, research, administration, cluster, with public or European funding;
  • Collaboration with other clusters in the country and abroad to build strategic partnerships;
  • Cross-border and transnational cooperation (EU Strategy of the Danube Region, Cluster House Network, etc.);
  • Participation in national and European networks;
  • Creating and updating the bilingual website;
  • Elaboration of legislative proposals on the production of organic agricultural products and foodstuffs, environmental protection, especially the reservation of the Danube Delta Biosphere, etc.;
  • Managerial improvement of members and employees;
  • Attract new members in a cluster with common interests to the founding members;
  • Representation of members' interests in front of local and central public authorities and towards third parties.


  • Developing a sustainable local bio-economy that exploits both the comparative and competitive advantages of the area through the co-operation and co-operation of civil society, the business environment and the public sector and the development of an integrated and sustainable service support system;
  • Developing Smart Intelligence at Regional Level;
  • Ensuring connectivity and logistics to support businesses;
  • Developing partnership and association forms, developing and delivering modern, integrated services and promoting efficiency Promotion and internationalisation.

Organisation type: Association/NGO, EU, Network | Scientific field: General, Cluster / General