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The Association ASTRICO NORD-EST is a group of yarn and knitwear manufacturers, located in the North-Eastern development region of Romania.

  • Posted on: 15.12.2017
  • Romania
  • Acronym: ASTRICONE

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The Association ASTRICO NORD EST is a group of yarn and knitwear manufacturers, located in the North-Eastern development region of Romania. The main exponent of the group is RIFIL SA Savinesti, the most important manufacturer of acrylic yarn in the European Union. The group produces per year more than 20,000 tons of yarn of various sorts and compositions and circa 3.5 million knitwear items made by flat and circular knitting machines, using also other equipment for assembling, ironing and finishing. The products are exported not only to the European market but also to USA and other American and Asian countries. Its companies have made substantial investments in new technologies and the result is a competitive price-quality ratio for the products. Moreover, we employ a settle and highly qualified personnel. It is a part of the ECCP.

Excellence Label: Bronze Label


  • Stimulate the innovation by the exchange of information and running joint projects with immediate applicability in production;
  • Create new products with increased added value;
  • Optimise the costs by innovating the processes and by technologic transfer between partners;
  • The continuous training and development of the human resources by jointly run programmes;
  • The approach of a joint market strategy intended to ensure the consolidation of the existent market and the running of actions intended to extend this market;
  • Protect the brands and the industrial copyright.


  • Participation in fairs, exhibitions and trade missions in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy;
  • Development of regional and international partnerships as eligible structures in research-development programmes;
  • Counselling, permanent information and direct access to the innovations in the field.

Organisation type: Association/NGO, EU, Network | Scientific field: General, Cluster / General | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Romania