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Urban Logistic Cluster Association

The main objective of the cluster is to support the Oltenia Region to adapt and change their industrial structures to unlock the potential of clusters and entrepreneurship for regional economic development and for addressing societal challenges such as reducing CO2 emissions, optimyse the electric cumsumtion, improving resource efficiency and environmental protection.

Urban Logistic Cluster Association
  • Posted on: 04.09.2017
  • Romania
  • Acronym: AROTT

Website: Link

Contact: Gabriel Vladut ,

The aim is in particular to better capitalise on all forms of creativity, new technologies and the transformative power of innovation to shape new globally competitive value chains that may help to foster the development of emerging industries in our region and in Europe. By supporting the development of more fertile environments in which small and medium-sized enterprises can combine creativity with the use of new technologies, specialy ITC and more resource efficient solutions, new business opportunities may arise that result in smarter and more sustainable growth. It is a part of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

It has participated in the following funded support programmes:
- FP7

Cluster Excellence Label: Bronze

- Identify and promote innovative products;
- Promote technological cooperation;
- Access to research results;
- Internationalisation of the cooperation, business, innovation and research partnerships;
- Define new lines of research and innovation for the Cluster compliant with the specific technological and territorial specialisations;
- Address the research-driven clusters on urban logistics in the Region toward common development areas and to set up operational collaboration on these topics, through networking activities;
- Set up the most appropriate conditions for the full exploitation of the potential results of researches taking into account the “framework conditions which could affect their applicability and effectiveness and suggesting to the relevant stakeholders appropriate solutions;
- Ensure the appropriate spread of knowledge through dissemination actions and stakeholders’ involvement;
- Support the internationalisation of the Cluster through specific actions;

- Organise and participate at international meetings, brokerage, market and exhibitions;
- Define Joint Action Plans (JAP) for the Region, with the active involvement of the Regional Authorities and Agencies, in a coordinated way to plan the future technological innovation activities and to define the reference framework for their funding;
- Mentor the start-up of the research clusters in the most advanced realities by the more assessed ones;
- Monitor the start-up of the activities defined in the JAP;
- Stimulates local communications in order to identify problems, finds solutions & actors for innovative projects implementation, creates start-ups, spin-offs and innovative companies base on high added value, creates partnerships opportunities and business development.

Organisation type: Association/NGO | Scientific field: Engineering and Technology, Transport | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON | Geographical focus: Bulgaria, Serbia