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Electronic Innovation Cluster

ELINCLUS cluster organization is an initiative, born during more than one decade of intensive cooperation between several innovative companies in the field of electronics, technical universities and government bodies to research and create new products and services on the market, intellectual property and internationalisation.

Electronic Innovation Cluster
  • Posted on: 04.09.2017
  • Romania
  • Acronym: ELINCLUS

Website: Link

Contact: Bogdan Mihailescu ,

ELINCLUS aims at supporting the innovation and competitiveness aspect of its members with the best knowledge, services and commitment to establish and maintain a mutual trust and a vibrant business environment. It is a part of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

It has participated in the following funded support programmes:
- FP7

Cluster Excellence Label: Silver

- Develop and attract the best services to support the challenges and competitiveness of our members and stakeholders on the entire value chain of their innovation activity;
- Create a common culture of innovation and business in line with the world best practices;
- Create world-class research and prototyping support for our members and stakeholders;
- Create a common research, technical, technological, and business knowledgebase to be shared to our members and stakeholders;
- Ensure the financing of the research and innovation activity of our members;
- Make studies about the business environment of the cluster;
- Develop strategies and policies about the needs and aims of our members and to promote and advocate them in front of all types of authorities and other stakeholders.

- Technological support (assembling, testing and prototyping);
- Research & development support, IP technology transfer;
- National and international networking;
- Politics, strategies, program and advocacy;
- Courses, seminars, professional meetings, social events;
- Matchmaking events at the European level;
- Production of electronic modules;
- Technical and technological consulting;
- International networking cooperation agreements with Steinbeis Foundation, MFG and electronic and software associations worldwide, the EEN network, the economic councilors network of MECMA-DCE;
- Consulting (economic, management, financial, marketing, etc.);
- Testing (electromagnetic compatibility).

Organisation type: Association/NGO | Scientific field: Cluster / General, ICT | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON | Geographical focus: Hungary