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Odessa IT Cluster

IT Cluster of Odessa is a combination of education, business and government representatives for the development of information technology in Odessa and the region. It strives to create an environment for IT businesses to grow especially the IT businesses oriented on inner market. It initiates and leads training of different kind for schools: pupils, IT teachers, other teachers.

Odessa IT Cluster
  • Posted on: 04.09.2017
  • Ukraine
  • Acronym: Odessa IT Cluster

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Over 2000 children have been involved in various activities of Odessa cluster since March ’16. The cluster has established and developed study courses for university students: 4 universities, 400 students trained since Sept ’15. It promotes IT sphere and IT companies within Odessa general public trough publications, TV. It involves IT companies and their employers in social activities (courses and events for schools, universities, etc.). It involves municipal administration in all these processes. Administrative resource and funding are provided for social projects of the Cluster.

Cluster Excellence Label: No

- Help with coordination, support, nurturing and execution of projects for the development of IT in Odessa;
- Unify IT businesses, IT-education and the government for economic prosperity and development of IT in Odessa.

- Conducting events for popularization of IT industry role in society;
- Promotion of Odessa region as IT-hub in Ukraine and all over the world;
- Support and facilitation of communication between IT business, education and government;
- Modernization and quality improvement of education programs in secondary schools and universities;
- Providing the loyalty programs for IT-specialists.

Organisation type: Association/NGO | Scientific field: ICT | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region