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[10th BSH Webinar] Widening Participation – opportunities for Black Sea Countries

Country: Black Sea Countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine Save the date: 20 March 2017 Time: 10 am CET Duration: approx. 60 minutes (including chat Q&A)  

[10th BSH Webinar] Widening Participation – opportunities for Black Sea Countries
  • Event date: March 20, 2017
  • Posted on: 19.01.2017

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This webinar will be conducted by National Contact Points in Poland – experts with vast experience in training on Framework Programmes of the European Commission.



The aim of the programme „Spreading excellence and widening participation” is to maximize investments in research and innovation which will enable the European Union to function in a more streamlined and homogeneous way, allowing the individual strengths of each Member State to be optimized. There is a significant evidence pointing to the fact that the pathway to economic growth and competitiveness is strongly connected to the scaling up of investment in research and innovation.
In order to address these challenges, Horizon 2020 introduces specific measures for spreading excellence and widening participation. These measures are targeted at low-performing Member States in terms of research and innovation, and they will be implemented by the Member States most in need of the new Cohesion policy for the 2014-2020 programming period.

THE TEAMING action (associating advanced research institutions to other institutions, agencies or regions for the creation or upgrade of existing centres of excellence) is a new feature under Horizon 2020. It will provide new opportunities to the parties involved, with real prospects for growth through tapping into new collaboration and development patterns, including the establishment of new scientific networks, links with local clusters and opening up access to new markets. This will offer national and local research new possibilities for exploitation and value creation and boost the innovation potential of the  countries involved.

TWINNING will help strengthen a defined field of research in a knowledge institution through linking with at least two internationally-leading counterparts in Europe.

THE ERA CHAIRS scheme will provide support for universities and other research institutions to attract and maintain high quality human resources and implement the structural changes necessary to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis.


Adam Gluszuk
National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU



Scientific field: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Related Topics: BLACK SEA HORIZON, Research and innovation community | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region