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BioSTEP Forum: Creating Networks for the Transition to a Bio-based and Circular Economy

The Conference, which will take place on 29 March 2017 in Brussels, aims to present the results of the stakeholder engagement activities in BioSTEP and its value to the current policy discussions on the bioeconomy and the circular economy.  

  • Posted on: 27.03.2017
  • Belgium

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Contact: Holger Gerdes,

The overall goal of the EU-funded project BioSTEP is to promote a public dialogue on the goals of the bioeconomy and the steps needed to move towards a sustainable economy and way of life.

BioSTEP has analysed in three policy workshops the participation processes that are necessary to build and strengthen the new value chains of the bioeconomy. The policy workshops discussed how bioeconomy strategies can be developed in a participatory way, ensuring that the change of economic value chains, necessary for a transition to a bioeconomy, is understood and supported by all stakeholders.

Central challenges were identified when organising the value chains of an economy which reduces the input of primary raw materials and the waste output of emissions and pollution. In the BioSTEP Forum, lessons learned to tackle this challenge will be presented. The conference will provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to discuss barriers and opportunities related to the participatory development of bioeconomy and circular economy strategies. The outcomes will feed into a policy paper, which aims to inform the current review of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy.

The outcomes of the BioSTEP Forum will feed into the finalisation of a policy paper which will be published after the conference. The policy paper will provide policy-makers with recommendations for effective stakeholder and public engagement in a bio-based and circular economy. The draft policy paper can be accessed via this BioSTEP web page (under 'Comment on our policy paper', click on 'five key recommendations')

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Scientific field: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Geographical focus: Countries associated to Horizon 2020