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[Event Review] BSH Meeting to enhance the partners’ capacity on regional peer review database

On 30 September 2015 at the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IEF) in Kyiv, Ukraine was held a meeting on performing one of the tasks of BSH Project addressed to elaboration of regional peer review database (task 2.5).

  • Posted on: 15.10.2015
  • Ukraine

The event was organized by the IEF, Center of International Projects, Moldova (CIP), German Aerospace Center, Project Management Agency, Germany (DLR) and was attended by the project partners, experienced participants from ERA.Net projects and representatives of funding agencies from non-EU Black Sea countries. The participants’ interest was focused on formulation and applicability of pt-expert database peer review database for the purposes of the Black Sea region.  

In this regard, the event covers a general presentation of pt-expert database by Ms. Henriette Krimphoff, representative of DLR, Germany; an approach on use of EVAL-INCO database by Mrs. Melike Ergun representative of TUBITAK, Turkey, and a presentation on the potential peer review database for the purposes of the Black Sea region by Mrs. Viorica Boaghi, representative of ACE and CIP, Moldova.

During the presentations participants have shown an active interest in implementing the peer review database for the purposes of the Black Sea region in addition to their national peer review procedures. To enhance the partners’ capacity, the event has given opportunity to open discussion on defining the concept of peer review database and its framework of use, including the target group and duration; the criteria for registration of potential reviewers from the target region and the peer review data protection. The exchange of views and advanced discussions among the participants has contributed to formulation of draft agreement between present partners and future steps for performing task of BSH Project.

For further information, please access the following documents attached below:
List of participants

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