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[Event Review] Workshop on 'The State of Affairs and Future of EU-EaP Science, Technology & Innovation Cooperation'

IncoNet EaP organised a Workshop on 'The State of Affairs and Future of the EU-Eastern Partnership (EaP) Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation' on 3 September in Brussels, just after the project's General Assembly on 2 September.

[Event Review] Workshop on 'The State of Affairs and Future of EU-EaP Science, Technology & Innovation Cooperation'
  • Posted on: 11.09.2015
  • Belgium

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High level participants from the European Commission and the EaP region as well as stakeholders and policy makers from EU Member States attended the Workshop. The Policy Officer, Mr. Devars represented the Directorate General of Research and Innovation.

The ‘Roadmap for Cooperation between the EaP Countries and EU’ (EC,2014) was the basis for the development of the Workshop. Concrete presentations covered the main priorities for future cooperation with EaP countries i.e the three societal challenges (Energy, Climate Change, Health) and the ICT. A deep analysis followed on the cross-cutting issues which are among others; the best practices between EU MS and EaP countries, the establishmenet of a regional evaluation platform and the innovation in EU-EaP cooperation. The Workshop ended up with a round table discussion about the contribution of IncoNet-type projects and the involved partners to an enhanced EU-EaP STI cooperation.

It was an opportunity for interaction, exchange of views and advanced communication among the participants in view of the launching of the new Work Programme (2016-2017).

All information below is available here.

  - Agenda and List of Participants.

  - Presentations

Policy Dialogue Perspectives and Horizon 2020

  • Participation in H2020 and the new Work Programme 

The state-of-affairs of the EU-EaP cooperation on the 3 Societal Challenges (Energy, Climate Change, Health)

  • Bibliometric Analysis of EU-EaP joint publications
  • Twinning between projects as a tool for the development of long-term STI-cooperation
  • Project`s support through Grants, Conferences, InfoDays
  • Promoting the Digital Economy in the EaP & the EaP Connect project

Cross-cutting issues
1) Best Practices

  • STI Policy Mix Peer Reviews in Armenia and Georgia
  • Regional Evaluation platform
  • Cooperation with EaP Countries under the COST Actions

2) Innovation in EU-EaP cooperation

  • The Role of the R2I projects on boosting innovation in the EaP countries: Example of ENER2I project activities
  • The Enterprise Europe Network as a stimulator of Research-Business Partnership in EaP countries


Scientific field: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Related Topics: Policy Dialogue, Research and Innovation support Initiatives | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region