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1st Black Sea Association of Food science and Technology (B-FoST) Congress

This biennial Congress is gathering the representatives of universities and research institutes, but also food producers and distributors, to promote research, development, innovation and education within food science and technology.

1st Black Sea Association of Food science and Technology (B-FoST) Congress
  • Event date: September 22-24, 2016
  • Posted on: 25.01.2016
  • Ohrid,
  • FYR of Macedonia

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B-FoST Congress gives a unique opportunity for food scientists, researchers, technologists, producers and nutritionists, young scientists and students for presentation of results and findings of their own work, exchange information on new processes. B-FoST Congress will be focused on latest progress in fundamental and applied food science, research and development, innovative technology, food ingredients, novel trends in nutrition and health, food and machinery and equipment engineering, food safety and quality, and food and feed market.

All specialized companies, institutes, and related vendors are invited to present their latest products and services in the exhibition space. It offers an excellent and unique opportunity for you to attract new customers, reaffirm your long-term customer relationships and present your most innovative products, equipment, materials and services in the area of food equipment manufacturing and food production.

This Congress is also a platform for the dissemination of knowledge gained through domestic, EU and international projects to the wide audience from all around the world. In the same time congress attendees will have opportunity to participate at the Brokerage event (tête-à-tête meetings). This event is dedicated to scheduled meetings between: Companies, Scientific, and Research Institutions representatives in order to promote and establish: Business cooperation, Academia-Industry partnership, creation of new consortia’s for application to EU programs like: HORIZON 2020, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci etc.

Also B-FoST Congress is offering HACCP training and EHEDG training on Hygienic Engineering and Design. Trainers are accredited and authorized trainers in both areas. More about these training you can find on Congress web page under Trainings.

This Congress is organized in cooperation with: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), and European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST).

Scientific field: Agricultural Sciences | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Danube Region, Balkan Region