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Symposium on Agricultural Transitions along the Silk Road: Restructuring, Resources and Trade in the Central Asia Region

Since ancient times, the Silk Road has served as a hub for the exchange of valued commodities, ideas and people between Asia and Europe. Emerging from the conditions of a socialist order in this part of the world, the countries in the region opted for their own unique paths of transition. However, agriculture has remained important for rural employment and livelihoods in all countries. Questions of irrigation management, land reform, food security and government earnings from agriculture highlight the importance of the sector for general economic development across the region.

  • Event date: April 4-6, 2016
  • Posted on: 07.12.2015
  • Almaty,
  • Kazakhstan

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The aim of this Inter-Conference Symposium is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, discussion and networking that revives the traditional role of the Silk Road. The symposium will be structured around three sub-themes: (1) agricultural restructuring, (2) natural resources management and (3) regional trade and integration. It invites international researchers and scientists active in the wider Central Asian and Caspian Sea region with a background in agricultural economics, rural development, water management and related disciplines to share and discuss their findings to better understand the complex issues, challenges and opportunities of agricultural development along the Silk Road.

IAAE Inter-Conference Symposium
Agricultural Transitions along the Silk Road
Restructuring, Resources and Trade in the Central Asia Region

4-6 April 2016
Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Inter-Conference Symposium is jointly organized by
Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU),
Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO),
and the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE).


The conference will be held within the scope of AGRIWANET. A project dealing with agricultural restructuring, water scarcity and the adaptation to climate change in Central Asia.


Scientific field: Agricultural Sciences | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, EU Member States, International / Other