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Workshop on the Black Sea Cooperation Programme

In the context of the BSH project the "€œBlack Sea Cooperation Programme"€ (BSCP)€ has been prepared and presented in a dedicated Conference in Athens last May. The discussions and conclusions of the conference in Athens have been incorporated in the BSCP which is now finalized. In order to maintain the momentum created with the drafting of the BSCP and the parallel discussions about the launching of an EU-BS Joint Call, ZSI, CeRISS and ICBSS will organize a Workshop on 25 - 26 January 2018 in Athens.

Workshop on the Black Sea Cooperation Programme
  • Event date: January 25-26, 2018
  • Posted on: 19.01.2018
  • Athens,
  • Greece

Contact: Ms Georgia Chantzi,

The workshop discussed components of the BSCP that are of (a) high relevance, (b) feasibility, (c) agreed timing.  Participatns were Agencies, Ministries and core research organisations from the Black Sea region and EU.

The topics were for day 1:

  • Joint Research calls
  • Capacity Building Activities
  • Strengthening Mobility
  • Supporting Innovation.

On day2, the mangemnt issues of teh planned BSH call were discussed among the funign partners which have de3clared an interest to participate in the call.

For further questions please contact Ms Georgia Chantzi <>.

* Picture: Group picture of the active participants at the event”. Jan 25-26 2018. Athens.

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