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VII Balkan and Black Sea Conference - Proceedings

The 7th Balkan and Black Sea Conference „Days of Clusters 2016“ was organized from September 22-24 2016 in Ohrid, Macedonia. BLACK SEA HORIZON project was one of the key supporting stakeholders of 2016 conference along with the Global TCI Network Barcelona, inno TSD, the European Cluster Collaboration platform, Hungarian International and Cluster Unit of the Ministry for National Economy; Romanian ClusteRo, Czech NCA, France Clusters and the Balkan & Black Sea Cluster Network.

VII Balkan and Black Sea Conference - Proceedings
  • Posted on: 20.02.2017
  • FYR of Macedonia
  • Year of publication: 2016

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Further information is available at the conference website. Conference Proceedings including an article "STIMULATING INNOVATION COOPERATION IN THE BLACK SEA REGION - OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN BLACK SEA HORIZON" are published and online available as well as attached below.

Source: DoC | Document type: Conference Proceedings | Scientific field: Cluster / General | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Balkan Region