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Lessons learned from the EaPTC Calls for Proposals + Recommendations in regional languages

Lessons learned from the EaPTC applicants’ mistakes have been recently published on the EaPTC Support Programme website. The document was prepared on the basis of assessment of project proposals submitted for the recent Calls for Proposals under the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme by the Managing Authority and external assessors.

  • Posted on: 07.12.2015
  • Year of publication: 2015

Website: Link

The document contains the results of analysis of typical mistakes made by applicants and their partners at the stages of administrative and eligibility checks as well as evaluation of quality and proposal design of applications. Lessons learned also provide recommendations regarding relevance, budget, cost-effectiveness, financial and operational capacity, feasibility and sustainability of the proposed action etc.

Lessons learned might be useful for all the potential applicants of the current and upcoming Calls for Proposals under the EaPTC Programmes, but also to some extant for project application procedures in general in Black Sea Region. The recommendations are also available in several regional languages. 

Source: EaPTC | Document type: Practical advice/guide | Scientific field: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Geographical focus: Black Sea Region, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine

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