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SMART FACTORY HUB - Improving RD and business policy conditions for transnational cooperation in the manufacturing industry

COMMON CHALLENGE: Manufacturing industry represents a generator of RD, innovation, growth and employment. Based on increasing pressure on manufacturers (increased production capacity in low-cost economies and increased level of sophistication of supply chains in high-cost economies) is the MAIN OBJECTIVE to improve framework conditions for innovation in the area of “smart factory”. Result is improved cooperation between RD and business where based on RIS3 centered model, quadruple helix partners will be oriented to find novel solutions in the following 3 domains: applying novel technologies, applying effective production process and applying effective human resource management system.

 SMART FACTORY HUB - Improving RD and business policy conditions for transnational cooperation in the manufacturing industry
  • Posted on: 11.04.2017
  • Project date: April 2017 - June 2019
  • Coordinating institute: Pomurje Technology Park

Website: Link

Contact: Pomurje Technology Park, Plese 9a, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slowenien,

MAIN OUTPUTS are: 1 common transnational RIS3 centered Smart Factory Model with Action Plan and 2 testing schemes - pilot implementation of innovative supply-driven (TransferLab) and demand-driven (PolicyLab) actions based on knowledge platform, cooperation profile matrix and learning hub for technology alliances. APPROACH: Project consists of 13 carefully selected competent partners who are according to the role in the project divided into 3 groups. First group represents regions and regional public agencies who are implementing RIS3 schemes (DE, SI, HR, SR), second group represents intermediate partners with broader access to SMEs – national chambers, clusters and technology parks (SI, HU, SK, BG, SR) and third group represents RD partners (DE, AT, CZ, RO).

INNOVATIVE CHARACTER: (1) Transfer Lab: integrated cross-sectoral experts approach (technologies, process, HRM), focus oriented program to production oriented SMEs with transnational pool of experts via voucher scheme, sustainable business model; no similar scheme existing. (2) Policy Lab: unlocking administrative restrictions, transfer of good practices on policy level. TRANSNATIONAL ADDED VALUE: international pool of facilitators network helping local SMEs to improve competitiveness, positive impacts on employment.

Program: Danube Region Programme | Scientific field: Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary | Geographical focus: Danube Region