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Series of Webinars organised by BLACK SEA HORIZON

In order to promote and enhance the participation of researchers from academia and industry from the Black Sea countries in HORIZON 2020, BSH organises a series of 15 webinars.

Series of Webinars organised by BLACK SEA HORIZON

In order to avoid duplication, the proposed activities are complementary to awareness raising activities already foreseen under similar projects targeting countries of the Black Sea region, like the IncoNet EaP project, which organises Info Days at local level. The webinars will be implemented through the iLink communication tool provided by DLR (Germany) and organised by IPPT-PAN (Poland). A quick guide on webinars is also available (see the attachement below).  

Webinars are free of charge and designed and implemented by highly experienced consortium members, who either are professional NCPs or important national information multipliers. The webinar documentation will be archived and made accessible here and via incrEAST platform.

Webinars may include polling and Q&A sessions to allow full participation between the audience and the presenters. Simultaneously, the speakers’ slide show PowerPoint presentations will be shown to the audience, recorded (together with voice), stored and made reusable for latter streaming. Each webinar will last approximately 60 minutes.

Webinar room is available at each webinar’s announcement page

Webinars content:

  1. Basic Information Webinars (BIWs) (3 in total) dealing with a general overview of HORIZON 2020 (structure, rules of participation, outlook on legal and financial aspects, application process, RRI, eInfrastructures) and identifying potential opportunities of STI cooperation with European partners.
  2. Proposal Preparation Webinars (PPWs) (3 in total) providing more in-depth information about preparing applications in response to current H2020 calls.
  3. Call Dependent Webinars (CDWs) (9 in total) dealing with specific content of selected HORIZON 2020 thematic call topics open in the relevant areas. Possibilities for Black Sea researchers and innovators will be presented. They will go into details of specific HORIZON 2020 calls and conditions and will be planned in accordance to the calendar indicated in the work programmes, allowing a timely preparation for participation in them.

 So far, the following webinars have been organised or are organised soon:


ALL WEBINAR VIDEOS are available on BLACK SEA HORIZON youtube channel.


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