BLACK SEA HORIZON – Bi-regional STI Dialogue

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Become a reviewer

The facilitation of international peer-reviewing is an essential contribution of BSH project to responsible research and innovation as stipulated by the EC’s STI internationalisation strategic communication (2012). A regionally accessible peer-review database is an important tool to enhance the capacity to conduct evaluations of scientific proposals in all scientific areas; to enhance the transparency of the evaluation processes conducted by experts; and to respond more effectively and flexibly to the growing workload, particularly in cases where very specialized, unexpected and urgent evaluations may be required.

For this purpose PT-DLRs database EVAL-INCO, which had been used for previous ERA-Net Calls (BS ERA.Net, SEE-ERA.NET (/Plus) and ERA-NET RUS (/Plus)), will be further developed to meet the demands for peer-reviews in the Black Sea region.

A meeting to define the concept for flexible use of the EVAL-INCO peer reviewer database for the purposes of the Black Sea region will be organised in Kiev which will include representatives from research funding agencies of all non-EU Black Sea countries plus experts from research agencies from Turkey, Russia and Germany. Agencies from other countries are invited to participate at own cost. The train-the-trainers workshop will be organised in Chisinau. At midterm of BLACK SEA HORIZON the regional module of the database should be operative including valid entries of at least 1000 peer reviewers.

You are interested to become a Reviewer - please read Peer review database for experts interested in the Black Sea Region open for registration or contact for further details.

You can find also further details within the Manual guide on Registration of Peer Review in the Black Sea Horizon Database.